The NEOLINK Business


A global marketplace that is completely free of barriers resulting in seamless international trade without apprehension or uncertainty.


Our mission at NEOLINK is to be seen by our customers as an extension of their business. Through the bespoke logistics and distribution solutions we offer, we will be the new link in the supply chain and long term partner as our customer’s grow.

Our Key 3: At NEOLINK we have three core values that live through the way we engage with our customers and operate as a business:


A key component in all relationships is trust – At NEOLINK we hold this core value with extremely high regard and ensure that trust is fostered in all interactions we have with our clients, staff and partners.


Coupled with trust, loyalty goes hand in hand and is paramount in our identity and what we stand for. We acknowledge and reward the loyalty of our customers through our LINK POINTS program and pass on the same commitment to our staff and partners.


We feel like doing business shouldn’t have to be a convoluted and complex task; there is already enough red-tape to contend with in today’s day and age. At NEOLINK we know what we are good at and make every step in the supply chain as simple as possible so you can focus on doing what you do best.